Building a Legacy Together Through Real Estate Investments

What We Do?

Our mission is to provide quality housing to improve communities while helping people create passive income and build wealth without creating another job for themselves.

We do so by creating opportunities for investors to passively invest alongside us in multifamily and mobile home communities. We identify value add opportunities that will provide immediate cash flow, strong long-term financial returns, has a healthy risk profile, plus many additional benefits to owning real estate.

We want to bless everyone we encounter with the ability to positively impact the community while creating a lasting financial legacy by investing in real estate.

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How It Works?

1 Find

We find underperforming apartment complexes and mobile home communities in strong markets where we can increase cash flow and value through capital improvements and superior asset management.

2 Invest

Our Accredited & Non-Accredited Investors have the opportunity to become partners in the actual real estate.

3 Cash Flow

Our properties generate cash flow that our investor partners get to enjoy through monthly or quarterly distributions, without doing any work.

4 Exit

Once the property cycle concludes, we sell and return our investor partner’s capital plus any additional gains. Rinse and repeat for passive wealth building.


Katie S.

Victor and Nina are very well organized and professional. They are careful about what they do.

Pedro R.

Las personas de esta compania son muy profesionales y confiables. Sinceramente los recomiendo.

Why Work With Vecno Capital?


Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay rent which covers all expenses and provides profit to the owners.

Debt Pay Down

Tenants pay down the debt which increases owners’ equity, creating long-term wealth.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more money in your pocket.


You can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of $10M with only $2.5M.


Real estate appreciates in value.

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